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About us

Professional Carpet Cleaners was created with a single purpose in mind, which was to provide a high number of customers with the best quality, value for money cleaning services around without the usual high costs associated with such domestic services. The company has since become an established industry service provider with very good reputation and many satisfied customers. Our mission has been achieved some people out there might say, but we believe the constant improvement and innovation of our service list is the only way to evolve and move forward, answering the demand set forth by our current and future clientele.

Being able to provide a good range of adequate cleaning services which actually correspond to customer needs, and all within reasonable price limits is no easy task. We decided that the best way to achieve this was to employ professional cleaning technicians and train them further in order to hone their skills even more and make them even better at what they do. Then we decided to equip them with the latest and most efficient steam and dry cleaning equipment and systems available right now, which has given us yet another competitive edge over the competition as our cleaners can crunch trough any job with ease and deliver perfect results every time, no excuses, no exceptions.

Another of our successful company policies has been to listen to our customers and act upon their requests and needs so we made our service range as flexible and comprehensive as possible. Each type of service has been devised with customer convenience in mind as we want these to serve an actual purpose with our clientele and bring them true value for money, as we’ve all had enough of the general-average mass of domestic cleaners trying to get a piece of the pie.

We also understand and appreciate the importance of keeping our business green so we have made sure all our cleaning is done in accordance to environmental protection laws and regulations, we work with strict water saving policy and have said goodbye to harsh chemicals and toxic materials. 

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