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Anti-Static Treatment

Anti-static treatment is one of our special services. Static electricity, although not a big household problem can prove to be a bit of a nuisance as it accumulates in carpets due to the constant walking and rubbing of shoe soles against the fibers. Most carpets in modern homes and offices are made of synthetic, manmade fibers which generate a lot of static.

These carpets, in combination with low moisture content in the air and poor aeration of the room can build up static charge, which is then discharged when a person touches a light switch, a door knob or some other metal object like a desk, chair or something similar and is lightly zapped in result. Static electricity is also generated by synthetic clothing people wear, so its accumulation cannot be avoided, but it can be treated.

If static builds up so much as to become a problem, the first victims would be computers and other sensitive electronic devices such as PDAs and all the rest, this is a big problem in offices where loads of data are stored and the potential loss of just a single machine is too much to bear and can lead to some serious consequences. Save yourself the hassle and let our anti-static technicians deal with the problem effectively and in one single appointment.

We can treat all your carpets, rugs and all other items generating static, using non-toxic, eco-friendly techniques and materials, which pose no health risk to humans and house pets. Our technicians will likely be able to determine the biggest cause of the static build up and advise you on how to avoid static charge and discharge.

The compound used to create the anti static coating in a room is known as an anti static agent, it makes the surface or object being sprayed slightly conductive in order for a series of miniature discharges to occur rather than a larger one which can be felt by a person or damage a computer. Call today and rid yourself of the annoying power built up in your home or office.

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