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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningProfessional carpet cleaning is the only certain way to keep all carpets throughout the house in top shape and looking their best. It is recommended that you subject your carpets to professional cleaning at least twice a year for lasting and proper results. Our carpet cleaning technicians are well trained and capable of cleaning any type of carpet either natural fiber or not. We will dispatch you a team of cleaners who will asses and determine how to go about cleaning the carpet depending on the level of wear and tear and the amount of soiling and staining the carpet has sustained.

The process begins with deep vacuuming of the carpet in order to remove any large bits of dirt and debris stuck between the fibers. Depending on the type and state of the carpet, the cleaners will then administer one of the suitable cleaning solutions which may involve the application of special shampoos and solvents which go deep between the fiber strands and work the dirt and dust off the bottom layer of the carpet. In some instances, the technicians may recommend that steam cleaning is the better and more suitable way to clean the carpet though this will up to the customer to decide.

The carpet cleaning process is usually completed by another vacuuming and then drying in order to have your carpets ready to walk on in a few hours. The drying time of the carpets is usually a few hours, though it depends on the humidity and ambient temperature of the room. Our cleaners will also apply special techniques in order to lift and remove heavy stains from the carpet, but be aware that certain stains or damage will prove irreversible, this is usually determined prior to commencing the actual carpet cleaning work.

All of our carpet cleaning work is carried out using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials and solutions which evaporate and dissolve completely after the job is done, leaving no fumes, smells or residue in the room. The service runs seven days a week with flexible appointment hours.

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