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Curtain Cleaning

Curtain CleaningCurtain cleaning is delicate process which not only requires a professional approach but also a fine eye for detail. In most cases conventional curtain cleaning results in more damage than good, especially for really fine fabrics which cannot handle machine washing, even in the most advanced of washing machines.

People who have tried to clean fine curtains using conventional methods have likely ended up with permanent creasing, discoloration around edges and stitching possibly even shrinkage. In order to avoid this, we recommend using our professional curtain cleaning service as to keep your curtains looking better for longer. Please keep in mind that sunlight damage is not something that can be reversed even by professional cleaning treatments. There are a number of ways in which a curtain can be cleaned to a professional finish without causing it any damage.

Depending on the type of fabric and its condition, the cleaning technicians might decide upon dry cleaning or steam cleaning. The steam cleaning of curtains consists of spraying a special solvent solution in the curtain, the solution is hot and under pressure as to penetrate the curtain and clean thoroughly across the fabric. The solution is then extracted using a high pressure vacuum machine which sucks all dust and debris along too. This method actually dries the curtain as it cleans, so you the curtains will be ready to hang right after the cleaning is done.

The other method used by the cleaners is dry cleaning which is used for really delicate fabrics which cannot be cleaned in any other way. This is known as restorative cleaning and uses a minimum amount of water; the rest is achieved by using special chemical solvents. Worry not, as these will evaporate almost immediately and leave no trace or residue in the curtain or the room. Although chemical, this type of cleaning is preferred for really delicate and expensive curtains. Both of these efficient cleaning methods are guaranteed to leave your curtains fresh feeling and bright looking. There is no need for the curtains to be taken down, all work is done on site.

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