Get a clean carpet

Disinfecting Services

Want to find a trusted company that is qualified and certified to perform disinfection of your property? Well, London Carpet Cleaners are here for you. Yes, we do specialize in Carpet Steam Cleaning but our team of experts can also sanitize both carpets and commercial and domestic properties.

Domestic or Commercial Disinfecting

Regardless of the type of property you want to be disinfected – we have the capability, equipment, and knowledge to do it. We offer this service both for your home and for your office, shop, or any other business.

Our team uses powerful detergents with anti-viral and disinfecting properties that will kill the bacteria present on site. We will sanitize every little corner and won’t leave an area that is untouched.

Of course, when performing such services that are meant to prevent spreading a contagious disease or deeply sanitizing your work space, every one of our team wears protective garments like gloves, masks, protective suits and it’s highly recommended to be done during an off-work time.

What do we mean by sanitizing carpets?

You have probably never heard of such a thing but let us introduce you to it – and tell you why it’s very crucial, especially in times like these.

As we said, we specialize in Carpet Cleaning, therefore, we know a lot about carpets. For example, how they need to be taken care of a special way in order to avoid damaging them because of the delicate material they are all made from. How the best cleaning method is called steam cleaning – because it is gentle yet very powerful.

We can also tell you that carpets and rugs are attracting all of the dirt, dust, bacteria, etc. that are present in your home – and storing it deep all the way to the base. This means that your carpet is a breeding ground for germs – and that is exactly why we strongly believe that carpets shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to disinfecting. The procedure includes pre-treating and steaming the carpet, than disinfecting it with detergent and again cleaning it to absorb the detergent back. Get your carpets on the priority lists and clean them with us!

What about Fogging Sanitization?

If you are interested in having your property disinfected then you have probably heard about “Fogging Sanitization” as well. It’s a great powerful method that is used to decontaminate the air and just about any surfaces. How is it done exactly? An electrically powered sprayer filled with an EN 1276 certified solution against COVID-19 and other diseases is used. Our company offers it both as a one-off or as a regular.

It is suitable for contaminated areas where there were confirmed cases of the virus.

We want to add that this sanitization method can be applied on any surface – the floor, walls, desks, clothes, etc. It is even perfectly safe for electrical devices so if you were wondering whether you can book a Fogging Sanitization for your office that is full of electronics then you can.

This is a service that can also be performed in cars and outdoor surfaces such as walls, driveway, doors, roads, pavements, etc.

Is the solution we use toxic?

No, it is not. Although the detergent we use is very powerful it is not toxic and doesn’t hide any health risks for you or your family. It is safe for humans and pets.

But keep in mind that it is very strong, therefore, no one except our team is allowed to be present in the property while the service is performed.