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Domestic Cleaning

Domestic CleaningAnother of our widely popular services is domestic cleaning. Cleaning services London provides comprehensive value for money domestic cleaning to all its customers. The general domestic cleaning can be booked for a time that best suits the customer and it can be done also on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as per your requirements.

Each domestic cleaning appointment is carried out by one or a team of our professionally trained domestic cleaners. Every one of our cleaners has been trained to perform effectively and efficiently within the allocated time period. All the cleaners are well equipped with the appropriate chemicals and materials, they know which areas require extra attention and will not overlook any of the small details.

If the customer has any particular cleaning requirements or wishes for the cleaners to pay special attention to a certain room or such, they can do so either at the time of the booking or when the cleaners arrive on the day of the appointment. Cleaning services London does extensive background police and security checks for all its personnel, no person is taken on unless their background experience and credentials check out perfectly, although this may seem like an unnecessary hassle, it ensures our customers’ and our peace of mind. Our customers have the benefit of being sent the same cleaner or cleaners every time, if your regular cleaner is unavailable due to a specific reason, Cleaning Services London will notify you well in advance and suggest a possible replacement cleaner for the time being.

If the regular cleaners need to use a set of keys for the property, customers can be assured that our key policy is as strict as possible. Keys will be kept at a safe place whilst the cleaning is being carried out and if necessary keys will be left at the customer specified place in the house or another location. If you will not be requiring your next service appointment, please let us know as soon as possible and well in advance so that we can rearrange our work schedule and rebook your next session.