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Drapery Cleaning

Drapery CleaningConventional drapery cleaning is usually a time consuming task which requires a lot of effort and doesn’t necessarily yield the best results when done at home. Any person who knows a thing or two about washing heavy curtains or drapery will be aware that sticking these fine fabrics in the washing machine, as advanced as it may be, is hardly the best way to clean them and achieve good results. Conventional washing of drapery will usually result in almost permanent creasing, discoloration around edges and folds and possibly even washing powder stains from improper drying.

In order to avoid this it is recommended to use professional grade drapery cleaning to save the fabric from all that can go wrong. Our expert cleaning technicians will review the fabric and the condition of the drapery in order to apply the most effective and sparing cleaning method. If you think that drapery doesn’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis, think again, because such large size, heavy fabrics are a favorite spot for dust mites and household bacteria which inevitably accumulate over a period of time and become a problem for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Drapery cleaning is a delicate process and in order to yield the best results with no chance of damage it is carried out by our attentive cleaners. They will approach the task with undivided attention and apply the right cleaning technique. We can assure our customers there will be no drapery shrinkage after our treatment is done, unlike conventional cleaning where shrinkage is almost certain.

Please keep in mind that sunlight damage and other permanent staining will not be subject of the cleaning process as it is irreversible and even the most aggressive cleaning approach will only further the damage. Our drapery cleaning is performed by trained cleaners using professional grade equipment which leaves no residue or smells once the treatment is over, drapery will be dry and ready to use. The drapery cleaning service is available with flexible appointment hours for extra customer convenience. 

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