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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet CleaningCarpets around the house are subjected to heavy duty use on a daily basis, especially the high traffic areas around the front door and the hallways. In order to keep the carpets looking fresher and brighter for longer they need to be subjected to professional carpet cleaning treatment up to two times a year. Carpets also accumulate a lot of dust, they retain a lot of debris and can be home to many household bacteria, especially in heavy traffic areas so don’t put a price on your family’s health and well being and let us handle your carpet cleaning requirements to a professional finish.

One relatively new method to look after the carpets is dry cleaning. Carpet dry cleaning is suitable for all types of carpets both natural and man made as it poses no risk to fibers or their properties. Dry cleaning of carpets cuts the drying time to almost half an hour which is great news if you want to use the room quickly afterward.

Professional dry cleaning of carpets is technical procedure carried out by qualified technicians and equipment. The machine used to clean the carpet works its way through the fibers in order to loosen up any large bits of dirt and debris and dust. The next step is the spray on application of a special, non-toxic cleaning solvent followed by the application of a special powder cleaner designed to attract any lose bits of dirt and even the smallest pieces of dust which are then all sucked by the dry cleaning machine, leaving your carpet clean and fresh as the day you installed it.

The dry cleaning equipment and materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly; they do not pose a health risk to the house occupants and leave no residue or smells in both carpet and the rest of the room. Some of the benefits of using dry carpet cleaning include short drying time, no moving of furniture around and protection from re-soiling. If you are after efficient, quick and affordable carpet cleaning service then this one is just right for you.

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