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Furniture Cleaning

Furniture CleaningThere are many different types of furniture which make use of a range of different fabric and upholstery finishes. Each of these types of furniture requires a different cleaning approach in order to achieve quality results without damaging the fine fabrics and upholstery finishes. Conventional cleaning and washing for furniture pieces is not recommended because the chances of damaging the fabric are too high, not to mention the low success rate of homemade cleaning solutions and attempts.

If you want top level furniture and upholstery cleaning, carried out in the comfort of your own home, by highly skilled professionals, properly equipped and ready for the job, then look no further and book your furniture cleaning service right here with us. We guarantee to send you a team of well-trained, experienced cleaning technicians which will review the items to be cleaned, assess the damage and the soiling of the fabric and decide upon the most effective and sparing method to clean the furniture pieces.

There is no single cleaning process which can take care of all types of furniture so our cleaners may combine a number of methods in order to yield the best possible results for your particular type of furniture. Special considerations such as color fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric are also taken into account by our cleaning technicians. The cleaning techniques and methods applied by our crews are gentle and sparing on the furniture, they will not cause damage to any parts of it whether wood, metal or plastic, or the upholstery of course.

Whatever the cleaning system selected by our people, customers can be sure that no toxic chemicals or materials will be used as the health and safety of our customers is paramount to us. There will be no nasty smells, fumes or residue of any kind on any of the furniture or the room in general. The furniture pieces should be ready to use in a matter of hours after the cleaning is done, though this depends on the humidity and ambient temperature of the premises.

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