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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress CleaningAlthough mattress cleaning is not the most widely requested type of house cleaning service it is one of the most important ones health wise and here is why. When new, a mattress is free of any allergens such as dust, dust mites and their droppings – quite unpleasant indeed, but in time, the accumulation of such pollutants and irritants in your mattress can pose a risk to your health so it is highly recommended to use professional mattress cleaning service at least once every six months.

You can try aerating or sunning the mattress but this will only be a band aid solution to the problem and only postpones the inevitable. The cleaning process to which the mattresses are subjected is very similar to carpet cleaning. It all begins with a thorough, deep vacuuming in order to lift the larger bits and pieces. The cleaning process not only collects all the debris but also kills off any bacteria and dust mites as well.

Our cleaners will also attempt to clean off any stubborn stains of both organic and chemical nature from the mattress in order to give you a fresh look to go with the fresh feel of the mattress. Our professional mattress cleaning is free of any chemical toxins and poses no health risk to you or your family. The only solvents used will be those for the lifting of stubborn stains or the removal of odors and they leave no trace or residue in the mattress or the room.

The cleaned mattress will be ready to use in a few hours time after the cleaning has been completed. The mattress cleaning service is available as a standalone order or in combination with other similar services like carpet or upholstery cleaning. Our customers can receive free of charge, no obligation quotes and flexible appointment hours for extra convenience. Ensure yourself a good night’s sleep and clean your bed of any allergens and irritants, call today and book your top quality, value for money mattress cleaning with us.

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