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Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet CleaningSteam carpet cleaning is the most efficient and effective way to achieve professional grade results on all types of carpets found throughout the house. It is a technical task performed by specially trained carpet cleaning technicians, equipped with the proper gear and materials. Steam carpet cleaning is usually applied to heavily soiled carpets which require a deep, thorough cleaning in order to bring them back to their former good looks.

There are other types of carpet cleaning available as well, though this is the only heavy duty method recommended for the deep cleaning of carpets. Our technicians will use a steam cleaning method known as hot water extraction to yield the best results with no damage to the fiber and its structure. The hot water extraction method gets deep into the carpet and reaches even the most hard to get areas near the bottom of the carpet thus ensuring a thorough cleaning of all dirt and residue and killing of all bacteria which may be lurking in your carpet.

Some people may be reluctant to use the steam carpet cleaning because of the longer drying time, but our cleaners will apply a special drying system at the end of the cleaning session and make your carpets dry and ready to walk on in a matter of hours. The steam cleaning method used to clean your carpets is user friendly and poses no health risk to the house occupants as it only uses the power of steam to get the job done. There are no nasty smells or residue, but only a clean, sanitized carpet which you can walk on almost immediately.

In case the carpet is in worse shape than expected or it presents special cleaning requirements, our trained cleaners will approach the job carefully and apply the steam cleaning sparingly without furthering the damage should the carpet display such. Customers can be sure the carpets will not sustain any discoloration, damage to fiber, properties or shape. The steam carpet cleaning service is available seven days a week with flexible appointment hours for your convenience.  

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