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Suede Sofa Cleaning

Suede Sofa CleaningSuede sofas are delicate pieces of furniture which require professional cleaning attention for best results and minimum risk of damage. There are different types of suede sofas or suede leather sofas so attempting to clean the furniture piece on your own might result in irreversible damage so it is highly recommended to use professional cleaning services simply because a new sofa will cost you more.

The fine feel and look of suede sofas is due to the natural oils contained in the material. Most types of conventional cleaning actually remove these oils and leave the suede brittle like and unpleasant to the touch. Using professional suede sofa cleaning will ensure that the natural oils so important to the material are restored during the final steps of the cleaning process. The most common type of suede used for sofa making is the painted leather finish.

This is a stylish solution but it retains and holds a number of nasty stains such as ink or alcohol. These are a real pain to remove because removing them will also take away the painted finish of the suede. In order to avoid this, we recommend you call us and let our specially trained technicians visit you and determine the type of suede, the extent of the damage or staining and administer the best way to clean the suede furniture piece.

If you are aware of heavy, stubborn stains on your suede sofa, don’t attempt to clean those yourself but inform us about it. Many types of suede will feel a bit different and less supple after the cleaning has been completed, but worry not the suede will return to its normal state after a few hours of use. Customers can also choose to have the suede sofas treated with additional protective coating. This will not make the furniture waterproof but will keep the material free of soiling for longer. Suede is expensive and notoriously hard to maintain, so buy yourself peace of mind and let us deal with it for you.

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