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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery CleaningUpholstery cleaning is a technical task, which as any other type of professional cleaning, requires specialist approach and sufficient prior experience. Professional upholstery cleaning is the best and most effective way to bring back the brightness and freshness of all your non-leather furniture such as sofas, couches, armchairs, padded stools and even some mattresses.

Attempting to clean such delicate fabric finishes using conventional cleaning and washing methods will not yield the best possible results and is likely to cause damage such as color fading, permanent creasing, tearing and breaking so instead of risking all that, just let us handle your upholstery cleaning requirements quickly and efficiently with no risk to your delicate fabrics and materials. People say upholstered furniture doesn’t require that much cleaning since it doesn’t see the same amount of use like the carpet for instance, but this isn’t quite right.

Upholstered furniture is used on a daily basis just like the carpet, the same amount of dust and pollen is spread all over the furniture as it is on the carpet, more so – the upholstery is in daily contact with your body so dead skin cells, skin oils along with all the other household pollutants such as kitchen odors can really make the upholstery feel nasty and in need of some serious cleaning.

Our upholstery technicians are trained to asses and determine the state and the damage the fabric has sustained before they decide upon the best way to clean it depending on the type of material and the level of soiling or staining. Our upholstery cleaning process will not cause damage to any other parts of the upholstered piece and will not leave any toxic residue or bad smells lingering in the room after the cleaning is done.

We can perform the upholstery cleaning on all types of furniture, our equipment is of professional grade and suitable for furniture pieces both big and small. If you want to bring back the vibrant colors of your upholstered furniture to their former glory and do so without spending a small fortune then we are just what you need.

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