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Upholstery Pick up and Delivery

Upholstery Pick up and DeliveryOur professional upholstery cleaning technicians can expertly take care of all upholstery fabrics, including silk, wool, cotton and many more. We perform the upholstery cleaning using professional grade equipment for maximum results with no risk of damage to the fabric. Our technicians will work carefully and with attention to fine detail in order to give you the best cleaning results at the best possible price.

In most cases, our cleaning technicians will perform the upholstery cleaning on site in order to save customers’ time and money. In some other instances, the technicians might suggest that for best results the upholstery should be taken to our specialized cleaning plant where the cleaning can be performed accordingly. In order to make this process as swift and hassle-free as possible our cleaning crews can pick up the upholstery from your home and have it delivered to the cleaning plant. Once the cleaning is finished, we will arrange for the freshly cleaned upholstery to be delivered back to your home.

Upholstery fabrics processed at our specialized site can receive anti bacterial and anti allergen treatments, we can also arrange for anti odor and wear protection of all fine fabrics, even silk. Our cleaning crews can take care of all upholstery sizes; there is no task too big or small for our crews to handle. All jobs are approached with due care and attention; our technicians have sufficient prior experience and plenty of technical knowledge to be able to review the state of the fabric, determine the level of soiling or damage and in turn administer the most appropriate and effective way to clean the fabric.

Certain types of upholstery will be taken for off-site treatment, but customers can be sure they will have the fabrics back as soon as possible, and in excellent condition. People who are unfamiliar with specialized upholstery cleaning choose to dispose of these particular pieces of furniture instead of seek professional cleaning help, we recommend to have our cleaning crews review the upholstered pieces and suggest a cleaning method which will be effective and sparing on the fabric.

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